Penny’s Glasshouse Bistro, “Your Neighborhood Bistro” !

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A new Bistro has opened in South Side: Penny’s Glasshouse Bistro
~ which fulfills Penny Folino’s  lifelong dream to offer fresh, unique cuisine with a selective array of seafood, pasta, and a worldfare style of food.   Come and experience it all;  Exceptional cuisine from award winning Chef Shawn Coombs, outstanding service and a welcoming atmosphere filled with laughter.

Located at 1719 E. Carson Street, South Side.

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  1. Raymond Schrader says:

    Where can I find your menu and an idea of your price range?

  2. Kathie Savage says:

    This place is now Burger Hut. Prior to being Penny’s Glasshouse Bistro was Folinos. Do you see a trend here? We purchased Coupons for Penny’s Glasshouse Bistro a couple months ago. The coupon had no expiration. The first time we went to use the coupons, their restaurant was under constuction. Hammering, dust, etc — decided to save the coupon for another quieter night. When we returned. Penny’s was no longer. Changed to Burger Hut and no longer honored coupons. When we spoke with employees, they confirmed — same address, same owners, same employees — different restaurant name and not honoring coupons. Just be sure if you purchase a coupon for the new place “Burger Hut”, you plan to use it in the same day. It may not be there tomorrow.

    Needless to say, no idea how the food is and will never find out.

  3. Christi Fischer says:

    We had the same experience except we went in January and it was Penny’s Diner (same owner) and they would not take Penny’s Glass House Bistro coupons so we went elsewhere. If I want a burger I’ll go to Fatheads not here. It seems a scan they offer coupons and then don’t accept them when its the same owner- changing the name of the business multiple times in a 6 month period ! Shame on you Penny Folino!

  4. Trish Parsons says:

    So glad I read this – I will be sure not to frequent this place!

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